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Track Name: Snow.Drift - Scarlet Lips
The last thing I remember

was the touch of your hand on my skin

and I couldn’t forget her

Couldn’t let you go if I tried

I know that you’re fading further

and I had tried to let you in

But a chance is something-

I never tried, I left it to die

You were sound asleep, while I lay awake

With your head on the bed next to me

Thinking what more could it be​​

I kept awake, awake for hours on end

In my head I played games and I’d like to pretend

That we’d be more than friends

If I died here tonight you would never know

All the things I kept lost in my head

With your red lipstick on and your red coat

Your eyes flutter and i feel it all over again

I’m trapped in my own silence

I’m trapped in the quiet of a dream

I’m a body floating out through the sea

There’s nobody out here except for you and me

I saw the stars in your eyes tonight

I saw every piece of the sky

I saw the stars in your eyes tonight

As you said goodbye